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MTT STRATEGY - In a tourny on stars with a starting chips of 3000 or more and atleast 15 minute blinds should a person have a goal set for how many chips they have at the end of the first hour and so on. If so what sounds like a good amount for a 3000 chip tourny and whats a good number for the sunday million which is a 10,000 chip starting stack?


No, never set stack goals. You'll end up making bad decisions trying to rush things u cant control. Just play ur game and the chips will come. Dont ever worry about the avg is or what the CL has... Play ur stack and focus on what YOU gotta do.

Did I do something wrong or...not? hand scenario -
Its like this : 45 player start. Remain 12. I just move to this new table with a lot of chips ( table leader). Any way the first hands I played aggressive ( check - reraise then they fold) but also fold some hands with small pot.

The situation like this : on my left this guy lets call him A , I am on the BB , the blinds 500 - 1000 ( start with 100 - 200). He raise to 3000 ( on the button). Everybody fold and I call (k9).

Flop 2 J 9. I checked , he raise 3000 I reraise to 9000 he call. Turn - 6. I raise 9000 he go all in.

I think and think and trying to remember the all hand and remember that he raise b 4 the flop on the button. I put him on QQ or KK.

After a lot of thinking I fold. HE had 4 6. After he told me that he decided to bluff this hand because its the only way for him to win the tournament.

Did I do something that make him believe that I would fold his all in or maybe not and he is not so good player ( he finish 9th) , I finished 7th.


1. Dont call out of position with K9... fold or reraise.

2. Bet more on turn... 9k into 26k or so seems kinda weak... dunno how deep u were but im assuming its a crapshoot and that ur not very deep. If other guy had less than 30k just shove it in on the turn and shut him out if hes drawing.

3. U cant only put someone on one or two hands. U might think theres a chance hes got Ks or Qs, BUT he probably also has hands like 9x, TQ, AK, TT, Jx in his range. If hed play any of those hands like that... i dunno, but thats what u gotta figure out and find out what the chances are of him having the different variations.

Tipping the dealers when you make a big live tourney score?


I couple of questions about super aggressive players in cash games.

Hand 1:

Assume you get AK on the button and it folded around to you with the super agressive player in the BB. You raise 3x to 4x and he calls. The flop comes 3-7-8 (rainbow) and the super agressive player checks. You have two options, you can takes your free card or you can raise.

You raise 3/4 of the pot and the super aggressive player re-raises. What do you do? If you call, he will raise heavy on the turn and probably on the river, I've seen this player player for all his chips with nothing on a number of occasions. However, I don't really want to put in all my chips on the hope he didn't hit the flop or doesn't have a hand.

Hand 2:

Assume your in the BB with 99 and its folded around to the super aggressive player on the button. He raises 4x and you call. The flop comes 2-5-8. Your bet 2/3 of the pot and the super agressive player re-raises. So you call and the turn is a 3, your check and the super agressive player bets the pot. Are your nines good? What is there was one over to your nines.

I feel like I'm being run out of hands by this types of players and then I get on tilt and call all my chips where I'm likley not ahead.


I prolly check behind on hand one, or 3 bet the flop if u think hes making a move. U might have the best hand but at least u end the hand right there and wont have to do more guessing on later streets. If he calsl, just give up unless u hit.

Hand two, Id either check raise the flop or just call him down on flop turn and river letting him bluff off if hes that aggressive. Ur mistake is GIVING him a chance to take the initiative back in the hand. When u lead with ur 9s it looks very very weak to many players and I can see him raising u with any two and firing the turn expecting u to fold.

Against aggro players u wanna keep the pots small, especially when ur OOP when u have a marginal-good hand. Dont get urself in too many tricky situations by making the pots bigger than u have to.

Ur line on hand 2 would be awesome if u had a set because the other guy will prolly stack off by bluffing all streets if u lead/call and check/call turn, check/raise river.

But i suck at cash games so dont really know what will be most profitable. Just looking at the situations as a whole.