ANNETTE's Thread Post on Sorel Mizzi Ceating Scandal

What annette posted:

I havent read all the replies here, but I've seen ppl wondering why I havent said anything about this... Honestly I dont really know what u want me to say? I mean, I of course dont support multi accounting, and I certainly dont think its OK to take over for other ppl deep in tourneys no matter what buy in. I can say that I've personally never done this and never will.

I dont think any differently of Sorel because of what he did, Like I said I dont support it but it doesnt change the fact that hes a very good friend of mine, and thats why I've chosen not to say anything. Our friendship is much more important for me than letting everyone know that he cheated in a tournament.... Get some perspective ppl. This shit happens all the time and we just have to live with it. If ppl keep getting caught this problem will hopefully stop or at least decrease in time.