I do not know where to begin, but here it goes....
by Imper1um on 11/30/2007 00:13

Although, admittedly, I saw the first and second page of this post last night
when there were only 100 posts I decided to let this thread evolve till
I arrived in Vegas and now I'm definitley glad I made that decision
because it has given me a clear perspective on who my true friends are and
has caused me to re-evaluate the character of those who I thought were friends/

I really don't know where to start, there are so many things
people think they know but in reality they have no clue of. I guess I'll start
off with MattG's claims:

The fact of the matter is that the situation took place over a year ago where I messaged MattG on pocketfives during the tournament telling him I am helping my friend in this satellite so he was
aware of it. I noticed afterwords he hadn't responded so I AIMed him to
see if he got it. I was literally astonished when I heard him
say I bragged or gloated since there is no shot I would EVER do that,
and anyone that knows me even a LITTLE knows that is SO absurd to say. I have no clue how he got the impression that I was bragging, but it is so wrong and I WISH I had the conversation to post on here because everyone would see that nothing I said was even CLOSE to bragging.

Andy McCleod, I'm almost speechless at your post. I guess I should not be surprised that you are so immature at 16 (yes Andy Mcleod is 16 for those of you who didn't know) . If you are going to lie about your age and say you are playing professionally, then you should be able to responsibly choose your games. That is the most basic prerequisite for even playing professionally. Furthermore, I have no idea why you are pretending that we were friends. I don't even think we've talked on MSN for more than 30 minutes collectively. How you can try to say with a straight face that I took advantage of of the best players in the online truly beyond me, and you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to suggest that. Were you planning on returning the money if you won, or are you entitled to take free shots on tilt and if u lose simply impose a moral dilemma on the person who beat you?

As far as the situation with FTP goes I hope that everyone can understand
the intense scrutiny that I am under and be respectful and patient at this
time. I currently am in the process of finalizing a formal interview with a
major media outlet to explain the situation that has been discussed.
Please understand that it would be impossible to address everyone's
questions/comments by responding to each one individually.
Obviously, I am doing this interview so that I can hopefully answer
all of your collective questions and concerns.

I am hopeful the interview will take place this weekend, but
it will certainly be as soon as possible. I promise to be fully open
and honest about the situation.

I would like everyone to know that I appreciate your thoughts and concern on this matter. The support is appreciated.
P.S. YTIU is posing as yellowsub and created the RIP Imper1um thread in case anyone did not figure that out.