‘Pokercrusher™’ Software Unveiled

Here are just a few of the groundbreaking features of Poker Crusher™, online poker's most powerful software tool:

*Real-time data on over a million players

As soon as you open Poker Crusher™ you have access to millions of hands worth of info on your potential opponents! Customizable key stats shown directly on the table as you play.

*Easy-read icons for all player types

Poker Crusher™ automatically recognizes the players at your table and displays an icon next to their name showing their exact playing style (green fish, shark, mouse, calling station, etc).

*Instant access to the softest tables

Poker Crusher™'s auto-lookup instantly finds and ranks the softest active tables on the Web, so you're never more than one click away from the biggest losers in the game.

*A shortcut to all leaks in your own game

Compare your stats and see how you stack up. Track your play, identify your leaks and instantly increase your profits.

*A massive database working 24/7

Poker Crusher™ literally has a large, organized "farm" of computers completely dedicated to collecting hand histories and betting patterns, whether you're logged in or not. The database is also updated every five minutes.