Pokerstars WCOOP Champ "TheV0id" Is Disqualified and Banned

Pokerstars has officially brought down the judgment regarding the WCOOP cheating scandal and it is not good news for "TheV0id." "TheV0id" has now officially been disqualified from the WCOOP main event for not adhering to Pokerstars' terms and conditions, and "Ka$ino" is now your official first place winner.

Pokerstars has said that over the next 24 hours, funds will be re-distributed and everyone placing in the money will be moved up one spot. Also, the account that bubbled the WCOOP main event will now officially make the money.

Kudos to Pokerstars for making the right choice. Admitting that your WCOOP champion won the event by cheating is quite the embarrassing admission to make, but kudos to them for having the courage to publicly admit that he/she was cheating. The way that they handled this should solidify the fact that they have the best support and best management of any poker room on the Net.

The investigation took two weeks to complete, and "TheV0id" is now officially banned from the site. If you try to log in to Pokerstars using "TheV0id" as your username and any gibberish as the password, you will get a message saying that you need to contact Pokerstars security. This is a message that is reserved for everyone that has been banned from their site, including Zeejustin, JJProdigy and others.

Obviously, the deal between "TheV0id" and "ka$ino" is moot, and "Ka$ino" will be awarded the entire first place prize. "LadyMaverick" is now your official runner-up in the event.

Again, kudos to Pokerstars for making a very tough, but very correct decision.