Betfair sign up Annette Obrestad

In the electric surroundings of the WSOP Europe, a young 19yo Norwegian poker prodigy fulfilled her huge potential at the tender age of just 18 years and 364 days by scooping the WSOPE Main Event bracelet and a huge £1 million pay day.

Annette wasn’t the only one in form that week as the talent spotters at Betfair recognized her potential from Day 1 and signed Annette up to represent Betfair Poker at events across the world. The fact that she went on to win the tournament was testament to their fine judgment.

Read interview with the 19yo poker starlet below.

Hi Annette, firstly can we congratulate you on a magnificent result at the WSOPE!

Thank you very much. I am delighted with the result.

Firstly, a bit of background on you if that’s ok? Can you let our players know a little more about you?

Sure, I’ve just turned 19 (a day after the WSOPE finished) and I’m from a small town called Sandnes in Norway. Before becoming a professional poker player I spent a little time in school :).

How has life been since you scooped the massive £1 million windfall?

Things have been very busy but also very exciting. I’ve had loads of interviews to do in both the UK and Scandinavia.

So, how are you enjoying life in the media spotlight so far?
I don’t mind it. Sometimes it can be quite demanding and a little annoying but mostly it’s alright.

The big question then - £1 million or the WSOP bracelet – what is more important?
Definitely the bracelet! Hopefully without sounding arrogant, I already have built up enough money from poker to buy the things that I want. The prestige of winning the bracelet means much more to me than the £1 million.

What are you planning to do with the cash, any extravagant purchases on the horizon?
I’m looking to buy a house back in Norway soon for my Mum and I.
Palatial we’d hope with that amount of money! So, Annette, Betfair have signed you up to join their team of Sponsored Pros – are you excited about this new opportunity?
Of course – I’m so excited! I can play whatever tournaments I want all over the world, it’s every player’s dream and I’m very humbled that this has all happened so early in my career as a player!

Well, you have an incredible talent! What tournaments will you be playing and which are you looking forward to the most?
Coming up I’ll be playing quite a few of the EPT events and then I’m really looking forward to going to Australia for the Aussie Millions.
Yep, we’re are turning green with envy here! The fact that you’re just 19 and so successful – are your mates jealous?
They can be jealous, but they can always do something about it if they want to :). I’ve put in the hours, really studied the game. I’m a patient person and I think playing millions of hands online has given me great grounding in the game.

Are you confident that you can hold your own in a poker world dominated by men?
I can definitely hold my own! Against good players, and players who know who I am, I don’t think it really makes a difference that I’m a girl. If I’m playing an unknown that’s never heard of me, maybe it’s easier to bluff them if you’re a girl.

For our players that don’t know, can you give us an indication of your online successes to date?

I’ve had a lot of success online. I guess my biggest online win was in a $500,000 GTD tournament that I won, where I got $117k. Other than that I think my big achievement is the consistency that I have had in winning $100 re-buy tournaments. I have won eleven, or maybe it’s twelve, big re-buy tournaments!

You’re an MTT specialist, do you ever venture into the world of cash games?
No, I’ve never really played cash seriously, and I’ve no plans to in the future either. I like to stick to the MTTs at the moment.

What advice would you have for players starting out in poker? Can anyone achieve the dizzy heights of poker stardom or do you need to be born with a gift?
My first advice would be to use proper bankroll management. Play within your limits. Then if you have patience and work hard you should do well.
What is the best way to improve your poker game?
Training sites are a great resource and can really help improve your game.

In three words, what is the secret to your success?
Umm, tough one. For me, I’d say: Patience, errrr… Aggression and ummm … Fearlessness.